How to Change a Firewall in a Motorola Modem?

Answer Motorola brand modems do not come with their own built-in firewall. Instead, you must use the Windows firewall to configure what passes through the modem. The Windows firewall uses basic program an... Read More »

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Why did my modem/router's firewall suddenly prevent my internet connection entirely?

It's possible your firewall was 'protecting' you from some 'port scanner' or 'DNS attack' .. although it seems more likley it just 'got upset' about something (i.e. some sort of 'bug' in the firew... Read More »

How to Access a Motorola Modem?

Motorola modems come with configuration tools to access and change the modem settings. Accessing your Motorola modem will allow you to change such attributes as the amount of bandwidth used, port f... Read More »

How to Use Your Motorola Mobile As a Modem?

To use any Motorola mobile as modem.. you need to have a USB data cable or Bluetooth device and Motorola phone tools.

How Do I Log Into the Motorola Surfboard V5222 Modem?

The Motorola Surfboard V5222 cable modem offers connectivity for your PC to both cable internet services as well as digital voice operation. It is a plug-and-play device, so setting up the modem is... Read More »