How to Change a Fan Clutch on a Dodge Ram?

Answer The late model Dodge Ram vans uses an electrically operated viscous fan. This fan clutch is attached to the water pump by a singular 36-mm nut that is threaded onto the water pump pulley. The fan s... Read More »

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Dodge RAM Fan Clutch Removal?

A fan clutch is a coupling device that is located between the fan and the water pump housing of your vehicle. The fan clutch on a Dodge is secured to the fan by four, 1/2-inch bolts that go through... Read More »

How to Remove the Fan Clutch From a '96 Dodge Ram?

The fan clutch in a 1996 Dodge Ram is mounted to the front of the engine fan. This clutch slows down or speeds up the rotation of the fan, depending on the ambient temperature in the engine bay. If... Read More »

How to Remove the Clutch Fan in a Dodge Dakota?

The engine driven fan on the front of a Dodge Dakota has a clutch on it to control the speed at which it moves. This clutch spins the fan in proportion to the speed of the engine. When the clutch g... Read More »

How to Install a Dodge RAM Air Conditioning Clutch?

The fan clutch on a Dodge Ram engages the air conditioning system. The clutch is located between the pulley and the compressor. Air conditioning is standard on Dodge trucks, so the old clutch will ... Read More »