How to Change a Discharge From Under-Honorable Conditions to Honorable?

Answer When you leave the military either by choice or by force you will receive a discharge. The military currently has five different discharges. Your eligibility for veteran benefits depends on the typ... Read More »

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How do you change an other than honorable to an honorable discharge?

Almost always, you can not change your discharge from the US military from "other than honorable" to "honorable". On very rare occasions, you MIGHT be able to do this, however, you would have to pr... Read More »

I was discharged under honorable conditions from the US Coast Guard and not allowed to reenlist. Can I file for unemployment?

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What is under other than honorable conditions?

An Under Other Than Honorable (OTH) characterization of service is warranted when a member engages in conduct involving one or more acts or omissions that constitute a significant departure from th... Read More »

How can you get an honorable discharge from the military?

Complete your enlistment contract, or become ill or injured enough in the performance of your duty to obtain a medical discharge.