How to Change a Circular Saw Blade?

Answer Many homeowners use circular saws for a variety of projects. Saw blades will eventually become dull or damaged and need to be replaced. It is also necessary to change blades when you switch working... Read More »

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How do I oil a circular saw blade?

Disengage From PowerRemove the battery pack from the saw if applicable. Unplug the saw from the power source.Remove Blade ScrewUse a wrench to remove the blade screw and the blade. Some saws are eq... Read More »

How do I take off a circular saw blade?

Blade Removal on a Circular Saw With a Blade LockUnplug the circular saw from the power outlet. Press and hold the blade lock, which is near the front edge of the blade guard. Loosen the hex nut on... Read More »

How to Choose a Saw Blade for a Circular Saw?

No matter what you are cutting with your circular saw, there is a blade for the job. Wood-cutting blades are steel or carbide-tipped, and the number of teeth can vary from 25 to more tha 100. In ge... Read More »

Who invented the circular saw blade?

Sarah Babbit created the first circular saw blade in 1810, according to Ask Tool Talk. She mounted a notched tin disc onto her spinning wheel and used it to cut shingles. Edmond Michel created the ... Read More »