How to Change a Child's Legal Name?

Answer Changing a child's legal name is a complicated process that is best handled by an attorney. Each state has different laws and procedures.

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How to Change a Legal Name in Oklahoma?

Changing your name in Oklahoma is as simple as filing a petition and notifying the public of your intent. The right to change your legal name is codified in Title 12, Chapter 33, § 1631 of the Okl... Read More »

What is the origin of the last name Childs?

The surname Childs derives from the old English “cild,” meaning “child.” Originally used as a name for the oldest son of a nobleman or a youth training for knighthood, by medieval times the... Read More »

How did you come up with your childs name?

my hubby is from sao paulo, brazil and i'm from saint louis, missouri so we wanted one of our twins to have an american sounding name and one to have a portuguese sounding name. then we got their ... Read More »

Law on Legal Name Change of a Minor in California?

California law requires someone who wants to make a legal name change to file a petition with the superior court in the county in which he resides. A parent or legal guardian may file the petition ... Read More »