How to Change a Car Horn?

Answer We use it to say "Hi," to say "Bye" and to say "Watch it, buddy!" It's the horn on your vehicle---ready to give a "Beep-beep!" at the press of the button. Eventually, if you have your vehicle lon... Read More »

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How Do I Change a Horn on a Ford F-550?

Replacing a Ford F-550 truck horn involves locating and removing the module from under the hood and installing a new one. Replacement horns can be purchased from a used car parts dealer or a junkya... Read More »

How to Change the Horn for an Altima?

Like just about any feature on a vehicle, a horn can require replacement over time. Whether it needs to be replaced or you simply prefer one with a new sound, a horn is easily changed. The Nissan A... Read More »

How to Change the Horn in a Ford F-250 Truck?

When the stock horn on your Ford F-250 truck no longer works, it's time to change it out with a working horn part. This is necessary so that the truck will pass inspection while also helping to ens... Read More »

How Do I Change Out My Car Horn in a 2000 Cavalier?

A damaged car horn can be a potential safety hazard and, in some states, can cause a vehicle to fail a mandatory inspection. Replacing the horn in a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier is a relatively simple t... Read More »