How to Change a CV Joint?

Answer The constant velocity (CV) joints on your vehicle are part of the front-drive axle assembly. They help the front wheels steer at different angles when the interconnecting shafts move up and down as... Read More »

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How to Change a U-Joint?

The universal joint, also simply called the U-joint, connects your vehicle's drive shaft to the axle. Over time, this joint gets rusty as the grease inside it dries out, leading to clunking sounds ... Read More »

How to Change a CVC Joint?

A CV or constant velocity joint is part of an axle shaft that you typically find on front-wheel-drive vehicles. A front-wheel-drive car has two axle shafts, one for each side, which transmit the en... Read More »

How to Change a CV Joint on a Toyota?

The CV joints on a Toyota provide flexibility to the CV shafts. The CV shafts are responsible for transferring power from the transmission to the drive wheels. The shafts must be able to flex when... Read More »

What Tools Do I Need to Change a CV Joint?

Repairing a worn constant-velocity joint in a modern vehicle can be an expensive proposition. In the face of rising maintenance costs, many owners neglect to maintain these important parts of their... Read More »