How to Change a CV Axle?

Answer A CV axle refers to the axle that runs from the transmission to the drive wheels. The axle itself normally does not break. However, the joint on the axle does. This is because of the high angle of ... Read More »

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How to Change an Axle Shaft in a Dana Axle?

The axle shaft is located inside the axle, and connects to gears inside the differential and transmits power to your wheels. The axle shaft endures stress and torque. If it fails, you will need to... Read More »

How to Change the Axle Oil on a Dodge Ram?

Changing the axle oil in the Dodge Ram differentials should be part of your normal maintenance schedule. The differential oil keeps the gears and inner workings of the differential cool, lubricated... Read More »

How to Change a Jeep Axle?

By changing the axle in your Jeep yourself, you will save a lot money. One common problem with Jeeps is that spider gears inside the differential often fail in the axle. It is much cheaper to purch... Read More »

How to Change CV Axle for Mazda Mx3?

The CV axle on a Mazda MX3 transfers power from the transmission to the drive wheels. Over time, the high angle of deflection on the outboard CV joint on the shaft will cause the shaft to fail. Thi... Read More »