How to Change a Belt on a Dodge Durango?

Answer The drive belt operates several components in your Dodge Durango's engine, and the engine can't run without it. While cracks in the drive belts are fairly common, some can be a problem--in particul... Read More »

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How to Change a Serpentine Belt in a 2000 Dodge Durango 4.7?

The 2000 Dodge Durango with an 8 cylinder, 4.7 liter engine uses a serpentine belt to power many of the accessory systems in your vehicle, such as the water pump and the power steering pump. The se... Read More »

How to Replace the Serpentine Belt in a Dodge Durango?

The Dodge Durango truck uses one main drive belt, also called a serpentine belt, to run the alternator, power steering, water pump, and air conditioner compresso. Methods for tensioning a serpentin... Read More »

How to Replace the Serpentine Belt in a 2002 Dodge Durango?

The 2002 Dodge Durango serpentine belt system allows the various engine accessories to acquire power through pulleys turned by the serpentine belt. The belt itself turns from contact with the engin... Read More »

How much does replacing a serpentine belt on a Dodge Durango cost?

As of 2010, serpentine belts for 1998 through 2008 model Dodge Durangos range in price from around $25 to $45, while an auto mechanic earns roughly $20 per hour. The belt plus installation would ru... Read More »