How to Change a Battery Cable Clamp?

Answer Battery clamps and cables are one of the most problematic of all car components. Batteries develop strong corrosion chemicals. These chemicals can move into the clamp that holds the cable to the ba... Read More »

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How to Replace a Battery Cable Clamp?

Battery connections should be clean and free of debris, with tightened clamps at the end of the cables to secure them to the power posts of a 12 or 16 volt auto battery. The charge in the battery f... Read More »

How to Change Cable Clamps on a Car Battery?

Car battery cable clamps can become worn and/or corroded, which can affect the amount of charge the battery takes in and the amount of amps it puts out. Keeping the clamps clean and free from corro... Read More »

How to Change Battery Cable Ends?

In a marine environment, the boat's battery and battery cable terminals are confined in the high-humidity environment inside the battery box. Because battery terminals are made from a different met... Read More »

How to Change Positive Battery Cable?

There are a number of functions performed by the battery. A battery can be out of order due to failure of its cables. There are normally two cables on the battery. Each cable has its own purpose an... Read More »