How to Change a BMW Water Pump?

Answer The cooling systems on BMW engines have had a history of problems for a while, primarily with the water pump and thermostat. Over time, the plastic impellers that were used in the BMW water pumps w... Read More »

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How to Change the Water Pump in a 3.8 Olds 88?

The water pump keeps the engine alive. Circulating coolant goes all around the cylinders of the engine and takes away heat, which is expelled from the engine compartment through the radiator.

How to Change the Water Pump on Evinrude 88?

The water pump on your Evinrude 88 distributes water throughout your outboard motor. This process helps keep your boat motor from overheating. However, over time sludge and other debris can get pum... Read More »

How to Change a Bravada's Water Pump?

The Oldsmobile Bravada's water pump is designed to function for many thousands of miles, but replacing one is a straightforward endeavor. All models of the Bravada series were manufactured with th... Read More »

How to Change the Water Pump on a Volvo 740?

The function of a water pump in a Volvo 740 is to circulate coolant through the engine's cooling system to protect the engine against overheating. The water pump can be visually checked for signs o... Read More »