How to Change a '98 Lexus ES300 Headlight?

Answer A burned-out headlight bulb in your Lexus ES300 should be replaced as soon as possible. Although the headlights are high-intensity discharge headlamps and burn brighter than ordinary halogen headla... Read More »

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How to Replace the Headlight Bulb on a 2002 Lexus ES300?

No matter what the make or model your vehicle is, it is inevitable that you will have to replace a headlight bulb at one point or another. The 2002 Lexus ES200 is no different. Even if you have nev... Read More »

How to Change Headlights in a Lexus Es300?

Replacing a headlight bulb or even an entire headlight assembly on a Lexus ES300 is a simple process. Even if you rarely perform your own auto maintenance and repairs, you can do either in under a ... Read More »

How to Change the Rear Brakes on an ES300 Lexus?

The Lexus ES300 utilizes a four-wheel disc brake system to safely halt the vehicle whenever you step on the brake pedal. The rear brakes act as a stabilizer for the ES300 while the front brakes per... Read More »

How to Change the Oil Pump on a 1995 Lexus ES300?

If your 1995 Lexus E-3000 begins to smell as if motor oil has been spilled on the manifold, or if it begins to emit dark colored smoke, it may be a sign that your oil pump is going out. The oil pum... Read More »