How to Change a 390 Ford Distributor?

Answer The distributor on a Ford 390 cubic-inch engine is mounted on the intake in the front of the engine. Replacing the distributor is an exacting procedure. It controls the spark timing for the ignitio... Read More »

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How to Change a Distributor on a 1992 Ford F-150?

When changing the distributor in the 1992 Ford F-150, it is important to put the new distributor in exactly as it came out. Otherwise, the vehicle, if it starts at all, will run poorly. The ignitio... Read More »

How to Change the Distributor in a Ford Truck?

Many Ford trucks use a distributor to send high voltage currents through the spark plug wires to make the spark plugs spark at the right time. The distributor gets these currents from the ignition ... Read More »

How to Change the Distributor Cap & Wires on a 1994 Ford Van?

The 1994 Ford Van uses spark plug wires to deliver the spark produced by the distributor to each of the engine's spark plugs. Over time, both the distributor cap and the plug wires tend to corrode.... Read More »

How to Connect the Distributor Cap on a Ford F-150?

When replacing spark plugs, wires or the cap and rotor on a Ford F-150, always label the wires and mark the cap so you know how to connect the cap. If you connect the wires in the wrong order the v... Read More »