How to Change Your Workouts to Avoid a Plateau?

Answer It's a lot of work to change your weight training workouts every time you go to the gym so a lot of people just stick to their regular routine. But the problem with that is that after a few weeks y... Read More »

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Workouts to change leg shape?

Running works, or jogging/fast walking. Also you can build up calf muscle by doing 'calf raises' which are when you stand with your feet shoulder with apart and simply raise your heel so you are on... Read More »

Where is the Ethiopian Plateau?

The Ethiopian Plateau is made up of the highlands that form much of Ethiopia, a country located in east-central Africa. The northeastern boundaries of the plateau descend to the Denakil Desert. Sud... Read More »

Help me get over weightloss plateau?

A healthy and lasting weight loss doesn't happen overnight, but it is something you could have if you follow the right plan. Keep in mind these tips along the way of your weight loss journey and tr... Read More »

How to Break Through a Plateau?

Exercise and healthful eating are important for achieving weight-loss and fitness goals. Progress can be seen early on when you begin a healthier lifestyle. However, over time, this progress begins... Read More »