How to Change Your Voice over the Phone?

Answer Is your voice changing? Is it naturally higher or lower than you'd like? The phone can exaggerate how high or low your voice is. If you don't like how your voice sounds on the phone, here's how to ... Read More »

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Is it possible to make your voice sound like the voice over in Halo?

Yes, it is possible. There are many voice manipulation applications that may be downloaded from the Internet, and several are FREE. Just do a quick Google search for the following keywords: voi... Read More »

Why is my voice over IP phone service not clear?

There are many options with VoIP. As for getting a device to connect your phone to your pc or network would cost you about $100. I would recommend checking out Skype due to it being free if your ca... Read More »

How to Send Text to Voice Over the Phone With Software?

Text-to-voice software allows an individual to write a text message, which is then converted into a spoken message. In some situations, this is a convenient option, such as any time it is not appro... Read More »

Can I change my phone over to my dads old droid over my env3?

Verizon requires you to have a data plan for every smartphone. If your mom already has a smartphone you could share her data (and share her minutes and texts), but otherwise you'll start having to ... Read More »