How to Change Your Style Without Your Parents Freaking Out?

Answer This will apply particularly for drastic changes, for example if you like to wear pink and colourful clothes and feel like changing to a Goth sort of style. This is an example, but any style change... Read More »

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How to Persuade Your Parents to Let You Style Your Hair?

Are you having problems convincing your parents that only you know how to style your hair right? Follow the steps below.

How to Talk to Your Parents About Your New Gothic Style?

Everyone occasionally will go through a 'phase' and wants to change up their style a bit. But what if you have decided to become goth, which is a lifestyle change? Here's how to tell your parents, ... Read More »

What hair style should I change to Do I need to change (pic included)?

awww! Gahh. you are so cute! DONT cut your hair pleasee! I think you shud grow it a little longer, your bangs anyway not your hair, dont make it too long, but get your angs underneather your eye... Read More »

How long does it take to change primary custody in Washington state if both parents agree to the change?

Answer Long enough to get the papers amended and signed and get it put on the docket of the family court in the county in which you live.