How to Change Your Settings From Lite to Full on MySpace?

Answer Uploading your favorite songs and videos is one of many ways you can customize your MySpace profile. However, media files can slow down a Web page's loading time. You can overcome this problem by v... Read More »

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How do you make your Blu Ray player full HD or 1080p After seeing 3 friends Blu Ray players having much better quality than mine some guidance is needed on how to change the settings THANX?

Burn the firmware to a CD-R then with power off press open, put cd in, press close and follow instructions.

Will this Laptop Run Minecraft with Full settings?

My laptop is the same but with windows 7 and i play minecraft-works perfectly! :)

Can the full version of minecraft pocket edition play with users using the lite edition on the ios systems?

Yes they can. It is very glitchy using any multiplayer on iOS or android though, and in my experience you get kicked off numerous times due to crashing. Also, I'm pretty sure that the owner of the ... Read More »

Do u think they should ban Myspace forever just because kids are to stupid to put there full name and meet?

It's not right to shoot down the entire system based upon the mistakes of the few. Mass punishment went out with Hitler and Mussolini.