How to Change Your Oil Living in an Apartment?

Answer Changing your engine oil frequently is recommended to preserve your motor and make it run efficiently for years to come. Doing your own oil changes will only take a matter of minutes and you will s... Read More »

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Compare living in a an apartment to living in a house. which would you prefer to live in?

apartment living = someone else has to fix/maintain living = you have to fix/maintain things.

Can a landlord rent your apartment while you're still living in it?

A landlord may rent an apartment still occupied by a current tenant. However tenant-landlord ordinances and leases require the landlord to notify the tenant in writing of their intent not to renew,... Read More »

Living Room Apartment Decorating Ideas?

Apartment dwellers face obstacles that home owners don't encounter when decorating their living rooms. For starters, apartment leases often restrict renters' abilities to paint and remodel. In addi... Read More »

How to Keep a Dog or Cat Successfully While Living in an Apartment?

How can you satisfy your need for the companionship that a cat or dog offers, while assuring that your pet is having a happy, fulfilled life? How do you keep your living space attractive, clean and... Read More »