How to Change Your Name on Tinychat?

Answer Once you're already using Tinychat, you might want to change your name. This article shows you two ways to do that.

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How to Set Up a Tinychat Account?

While you can use Tinychat without creating an account, if you use it a lot you'll probably want to set one up. It'll help people get to know you, and it'll also make your room more likely to get v... Read More »

Can you use a phone cam on tinychat?

Nope, I tried. Tinychat does not have mobile you can not get on tinychat with a cellphone.answer mine;_ylt=ApBtx4XBy6_yttm6GkCHyMvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=2010082110... Read More »

Can you go on Tinychat with the new iPad 2?

nope, apple hasn't put flash into the web browser yet! :(

How to Create a Tinychat?

Want to video chat with your friends? One way to do that is to create a chat room on Tinychat.