How to Change Your Guardian?

Answer There are several different types of guardian. Some guardians are chosen by the court and they cannot be changed, unless they engage in misconduct. An example of guardians chosen by the court are G... Read More »

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How to File a Motion to Change Guardian Ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem is a guardian that is appointed by a court to protect the interests of a minor or otherwise incapacitated individual. Typically an attorney, the guardian ad litem will allow the... Read More »

If you are under eighteen and have a child can your legal guardian put your baby up for adoption without your consent?

AnswerNo. even if you are under the AGE of 18 YOU are still the legal guardian to this child. You cannot be forced to give your child up, nor can anyone else make the decision for you, UNLESS you a... Read More »

Can your 18-year-old sister be your guardian if she lives in Georgia?

Answer A person who is at least 18-years of age is considered an adult under Georgia law. The sister would be eligible for being granted guardianship of a minor sibling assuming she met all the req... Read More »

How to Convince Your Guardian to Get a Dog?

You've always wanted a puppy...Everyone loves dogs, and everyone wants one of their own. How long have you been begging your guardian to let you have a dog of your very own? A year? Maybe longer? N... Read More »