How to Change Xenon Bulbs?

Answer Xenon bulbs are a type of headlight lamps that are common on many of today's luxury cars. They are filled with inert xenon gas which produces a light that is more pleasing to the eye than that of c... Read More »

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How long do xenon bulbs last?

In most conditions the Xenon light bulb will last for the life of your vehicle which is an average of 10 years. Many factors will determine the exact life of your bulb including temperature and act... Read More »

Are xenon bulbs illegal?

Xenon bulbs are legal and are used in many new cars as headlights. The xenon gas used in these bulbs can create a whiter light than halogen lights can achieve.References:Tire Rack: Bulb Types

When should you replace xenon bulbs?

On One Hand: You May Not Have ToXenon bulbs are designed to last much longer that regular bulbs for your automobile's headlights. According to the Xenon Headlights HID website, a good Xenon bulb sh... Read More »

Can xenon bulbs be dimmed?

Yes, xenon bulbs are dimmable, according to Dr. Tom Farin, founder and president of Pegasus Associates Lighting. The type of dimmer used should match the power transformer, be it electronic or magn... Read More »