How to Change Wiper Motors?

Answer Due to their positioning, windshield wiper motors in many vehicles are susceptible to the weather conditions, and often cold weather and rain can cause the motors to burn out or not work properly. ... Read More »

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How to Change Rear Wiper Motors on a Pontiac Transport?

The rear wiper motor on a Pontiac Trans Sport wears out over time with regular use. If your Trans Sport's wiper motor starts to squeal or strains while operating, then you may need to change it. Re... Read More »

Replacing Wiper Motors?

Properly running engine valves are vital to the efficiency of car engines. They must be cleaned on a regular basis. Allowing the engine valve to remain dirty can affect the idle speed and this can ... Read More »

How to Fix Wiper Motors on the Honda Civic?

The wiper motor on your Honda Civic uses a printed circuit board to control the function of your wipers. When the windshield wipers on your Civic hesitate or slow down, you might need to replace th... Read More »

How to Install Windshield Wiper Motors?

The windshield wiper is one of the best safety devices to be invented for the automobile. Designed to keep rain and snow clear and allowing the driver to have better visibility, windshield wipers a... Read More »