How to Change Wheel Studs?

Answer Wheel studs or lugs are the bolts that clamp the wheel to the rotor with the clamp pressure from the lug nuts. There may be as few as four on a small utility or boat trailer and as many as twelve o... Read More »

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How to Change Mustang Wheel Studs?

Damage to the wheel studs in your Mustang can occur for a variety of reasons. Over-torquing the lug nuts can stretch the threads on the studs, a loose wheel can damage the threads by rubbing and fl... Read More »

How to Change Wheel Studs on a Subaru WRX?

Wheel studs can wear down due to a number of reasons: improperly tightened lug nuts, dirt and road salt in the threads, or they can weaken over time from repeated expansion and contraction. When wo... Read More »

How to Change Wheel Studs on a Dodge Stealth?

Changing damaged wheel studs on a Dodge Stealth is an important task that adds to the safety of your vehicle. Wheel studs are as important as any of the sophisticated moving parts on your car becau... Read More »

How to Change the Wheel Studs on a 2001 Accord?

The tire and rim assembly on your 2001 Honda Accord is mounted to metal posts called wheel studs. They are held on to the wheel studs by your lug nuts. Sometimes, though, a wheel stud can break, cr... Read More »