How to Change Vehicle Tires to New Rims?

Answer Aftermarket rims can give your vehicle personality and make it stand out from other vehicles on the road. When adding aftermarket parts to your car, however, it can sometimes be cheaper and safer t... Read More »

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How to Change Tires on Split Rims?

Split rim tires use a locking ring on the outer bead of the rim to hold the tire in place. One-piece tires use a fixed bead. Split rims allow a relatively quick repair that you can do on the side o... Read More »

How often must you change your tires on your vehicle?

Tires should be changed based on the amount of wear to the tire treads. If the tire tread indicator bars, located on several locations of the tire, are worn flush with the tire treads the tires sho... Read More »

Can you put 205 tires on 195 rims?

A tire that is 205mm wide can be used in place of a 195mm wide tire on three conditions. First, the 205 tire must properly fit the wheel the 195 tire was removed from. Second, the width of the 20... Read More »

How to Mount Tires on Rims With a Red Dot?

It can be quite confusing trying to figure out how to mount your tires. Some tires are directional and need to be mounted based on the position they will be on the car. Other tires are mounted with... Read More »