How to Change User Accounts Passwords Without Knowing the Users Password?

Answer This article will teach you how to delete users accounts passwords and change them without knowing the users passwords.

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Can i create a new user on my toshiba nb305-410bl without knowing any previose passwords?

You can use ntpasswd ( to change or remove the passwords on the existing accounts, even Administrator accounts. Then you can boot into Windows and use the existi... Read More »

How do u get acess to windows XP even if u dont know the passwords of any user accounts?

personally, i just boot up knoppix live linux CD, copy the SAM file from the xp computer to a pen drive, and then use L0phtcrack (now called LC5) to break the password.on the + side it means you ca... Read More »

If I get a virus on one of my user accounts on my mac computer.. Does it affect any other users that I have?

The whole computer but never heard of a mac getting a virus

Computer erased all user accounts and is locked with an unknown password?

Computers do NOT format/ erase/ delete anything by themselves, even if infected with the worst virus.Im gonna say that your parents had something to do with this. And since you mentioned that you a... Read More »