How to Change Toyota Celica CV Boots?

Answer "Constant-velocity" joints are found at the end of each axle on most vehicles, including the Toyota Celica. These CV joints allow the shaft in the axle to continue to transfer power at a constant r... Read More »

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How to Change Headlights in a Toyota Celica?

The Toyota Celica headlights feature unique opalescent designs to give the headlight its characteristic blue/violet coloring. This provides the driver with a much sharper and clearer view of the ro... Read More »

How to Change Struts on a 1990 Toyota Celica?

Toyota Celica struts do more than just provide a smooth ride for the occupants of the car. They are, in fact, an important safety feature, as they keep the tires from wearing oddly and prematurely,... Read More »

How to Change the Belt on a 2001 Toyota Celica?

The engine accessories on the front of the 2001 Toyota Celica are operated by a single accessory belt. As the engine is running, the accessory belt operates the alternator, power steering pump, wat... Read More »

How do I change a headlight lamp in a 2004 Toyota Celica?

Changing headlight bulbs in the Toyota Celica is similar to replacing bulbs in other cars, and may actually be easier, since Celica models have headlight compartments that are easy to reach and acc... Read More »