How to Change Throttle Cables?

Answer Throttle cables get used every day, but, sometimes, they wear out. They can stretch, tear or break in other ways, which dictates removing and replacing them. It's not difficult; it's about a 20-min... Read More »

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How to Cut Throttle Cables?

The majority of aftermarket throttle cables come at a standard length, and part of the installation process is cutting the throttle cable to length. If you do not trim the throttle cable, it can be... Read More »

How to Replace Throttle Cables?

Throttle cables link your accelerator pedal to the engine, and if they stretch, break or bind, you're going to have problems getting from "A" to "B." They're not difficult to replace, and it only t... Read More »

How to Remove Throttle Cables?

A throttle cable is a braided steel cable that controls the opening of the throttle plate inside of a throttle body. The throttle body controls how much air is let into the engine and is directly c... Read More »

How to Install Throttle Cables?

Throttle cables are one of those things that most people would think could never go wrong on a vehicle, but the fact is, they do. Sometimes the cable stretches, and sometimes it's not positioned ri... Read More »