How to Change Tank Fuel Pumps?

Answer On some vehicles---mainly pickup trucks---the fuel pump is contained within a module that includes the fuel level sending unit. This module is contained within the fuel tank meaning the tank must b... Read More »

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Inline Vs. In-Tank Fuel Pumps?

Vehicles use two types of fuel pumps: mechanical inline and electric in-tank. Each type of pump delivers fuel from the gas tank into the engine's combustion chambers. Carbureted vehicles use inline... Read More »

How to Replace Electric In-Tank Fuel Pumps?

The first thing to consider when replacing an electric fuel pump is how much fuel is in the tank. If the tank is over half full, fuel must be drained out so that it will not spill when the hoses ar... Read More »

How to Change an In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump?

Cars with fuel injection use an electric fuel pump that is located inside the gas tank. This is a safe spot, away from moisture, road hazards and debris. Since there is little air inside the closed... Read More »

How to Change a Ford Ranger Fuel Tank?

Replacing the fuel tank on your Ford Ranger may seem like a daunting task. And it could be if you do not know the correct steps. Getting rid of the fuel system pressure is your first task to avoid ... Read More »