How to Change Students Attitudes Towards Math?

Answer A student who wants to move forward in school will have to be successful in math. While some students excel in this subject, others find it difficult and quickly label it as their most hated class.... Read More »

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Digusted by people's attitudes towards tanning.?

WTFFI think pale skin is absolutely beautiful, and Im lucky to have it.I embrace it.I think it's different, and more people with pale skin should accept it and realise it's beautiful.Tans are not h... Read More »

Attitudes towards coloured TV presenters in childrens TV in the 1960's?

What were the attitudes towards coloured TV presenters in children's TV?

Students in the Classroom & Their Attitudes?

How big a role students' attitudes play in their ability to learn is important for the teacher to understand if the teacher is to change negative attitudes into positive ones. Along with subject ... Read More »