How to Change Struts?

Answer Does your car have a rough ride? Do you think that your vehicle has lost its good handling? A key determinant in your front wheel drive car's performance is the strut assemblies.

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How to Change KYB Struts?

Most cars use two primary types of shock absorbers: one of which is a conventional shock, and the other of which is a strut. KYB is one of the companies that offers replacement struts for just abou... Read More »

How to Change the Struts on an HHR?

The struts are a part of the Chevy HHR suspension system. They are responsible for the smooth ride you experience when driving the vehicle. When the struts go bad, you may begin to notice excessive... Read More »

How to Change E36 Struts?

The E36 is the body platform code for the generation of BMW 3-Series produced between 1992 and early 1999. They share many of the same engineering characteristics, including the same strut replacem... Read More »

How to Change BMW Struts?

A BMW's struts and shocks are an essential part of its handling and safety. Over time, these components become worn and can result in a rough, bouncy ride and poor handling, making your BMW somethi... Read More »