How to Change Stabilizer Link?

Answer The stabilizer bar on any vehicle is connected to the control arms through two vertically positioned link rods. Any damage to one of these link rods will cause a major issue with the vehicle's susp... Read More »

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What does a stabilizer link do?

A stabilizer link, also called a sway bar link, connects the stabilizer bar to the lower suspension arm. The stabilizer link receives forces sideways from the tires and sends them to the stabilizer... Read More »

What Is a Stabilizer Link on a Car?

Stabilizer links form the crucial connection between your stabilizer (a.k.a. the "sway" or "anti-roll") bar and wheels. The links are vital for proper handling on tarmac, but they may prove to be a... Read More »

How to Install a Stabilizer Link?

The stabilizer bar, often referred to as a sway bar, decreases the body roll in a vehicle when cornering or accelerating. The stabilizer bar's job is to provide rigidity between the chassis and sus... Read More »

How to Replace a Stabilizer Link?

Stabilizer bars are parts of a vehicle's suspension system and help keep the body from leaning in turns. The bar is itself is mounted solidly to the underside of the vehicle in between the front or... Read More »