How to Change Someone's Skin Color in Paint?

Answer Knowing how to use Microsoft Paint to change a person's skin color can be an entertaining challenge. Microsoft Paint is a native program that comes with all Windows suites. This program can be used... Read More »

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If you Had to Change The Color of Your Skin,to Which Color?

I would pick red ....... that way, everyone would always think I was mad and upset so then they would be nice to me ...... or they would just run away ...... lol ....... = )

Is it possible that your skin color can change when you get older?

yeah its possible. when i was young i used to tan so easily, i would be really dark by the time school came in september and now i can sit out in the sun for a week and not see a tan. its the same ... Read More »

How to Change Car Paint Color?

Painting a vehicle can be as simple as performing a quick touch-up to cover up a small scratch or as advanced as painting the entire body of a vehicle to cover up years of wear. Whether you choose ... Read More »

How to Change Skin Color From White to Black?

Turning your skin from white to black is easy as long as you have the right equipment. Usually, this involves some sort of make-up that can penetrate and cover the skin well. They are several f... Read More »