How to Change Someone Else's Behavior?

Answer AAAUGH! She's left the milk out again! I've told her a thousand times... Why aren't those socks in the hamper? It's RIGHT THERE!Is there an adult in your life whose behavior is driving you nuts? Ex... Read More »

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Can i go on someone elses facebook page and change their cover photo?

No. If you could anyone could also do it to you. Use your brain if you have one.

How to Change Bad Behavior?

In our lives we meet different kind of people with different behaviors. As every person is not the same therefore he/she acts or reacts differently.The way they act or react to some thing or some m... Read More »

How to Change Behavior?

Wouldn't we all love to change other people's behavior, especially towards ourselves? It may sound impossible to actually change all those people out there, there are so many. But we can actually c... Read More »

How to Change Negative Behavior?

Over time, negative behaviors become habits, which is why they can be so difficult to change. This is because habits literally change the way our brain functions. "It is as though, somehow, the bra... Read More »