How to Change Someone Else's Behavior?

Answer AAAUGH! She's left the milk out again! I've told her a thousand times... Why aren't those socks in the hamper? It's RIGHT THERE!Is there an adult in your life whose behavior is driving you nuts? Ex... Read More »

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Can i go on someone elses facebook page and change their cover photo?

No. If you could anyone could also do it to you. Use your brain if you have one.

Can you take a eye out and put in someone elses eye.?

the question and answers just made my day

Can you buy insurance on someone elses car?

Absolutely. Insurance companies are in the business to sell insurance but the insured will be the driver of the car. In other words, a person driving the car is the "insured driver" There could ac... Read More »

Can you control someone elses iPhone?

No there is not a way to do this on an iPhone unless it is jailbroken. Apple sign every third party app that is installed on the iPhone and there is no way for you to hack it.