How to Change Skins on FastStone Image Viewer?

Answer Skins can change or improve the look of your software. Not all software has the ability to change its skin, but FastStone does. Read this article to learn how to do it.

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How to Add External Image Editors to FastStone Image Viewer?

Limited editing optionsFastStone Image Viewer has a few editing options for you to make changes to your images, but not a lot. If you want, you can add other programs for editing and access them fr... Read More »

How to Tag Images Using FastStone Image Viewer?

Tagged imagesTagging images allows you to group photos in a particular fashion to do something with them, such as put them in a slideshow, rename them, move them, etc. Read this article to learn ho... Read More »

How to Install and Use FastStone Image Viewer?

Seen with FastStone Image viewerFastStone Image Viewer is an image management system that is a software that can be used by both amateur and professional photographers. With this article, you can l... Read More »

How to Compare Images in FastStone Image Viewer?

Viewing the images at 'Best Fit' or 15%Sometimes, you need to look at various images to see which one suits your purpose, or which one of, say three, images is the one you want to keep or use, but ... Read More »