How to Change Shapes in Sculptris Using the Rotate Tool?

Answer It's only the beginningLearning how to use Sculptris is half the fun. It's got a reasonable learning curve and it's very enjoyable to play with.

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How to Use the Rotate Tool in SketchUp?

Making selections for movingThe Rotate tool takes a little getting used to. Read this article to help you reduce the learning curve.

How to Use the Crop and Rotate Tool in Chasys Draw IES?

Corrected horizonSometimes, when you take a picture, you aren't paying attention or your arm gets hit, or something happens...but your horizon is all 'jacked' up. Chasys Draw IES makes it an easy fix!

How to Change a Tool on an Industrial Machine Tool?

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How to Change the Size of Multiple Shapes in Illustrator?

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