How to Change Seals in Pentair Pool Pumps?

Answer Proper water circulation in a swimming pool inhibits algae and bacteria growth, as well as prevents cloudy water by preventing stagnation in the water. A Pentair pool pump connects directly to the ... Read More »

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How to Change the Sand in a Pentair?

The Pentair sand swimming pool filter requires clean sand about every three to five years, depending on how often you use the pool and how clean you keep the sand with backwashing. When it is time ... Read More »

How do I size pool pumps?

Crunch the NumbersEstablish the flow rate you require to guarantee the water in the pool can create a full circulation every seven hours. Divide the amount of gallons your pool can hold by eight, a... Read More »

Question about Intex pool pumps.!?

I'm guessing you mean there is still some "old" water in the deep end - the easy answer is don't worry about it. You'll spend money and time trying when your "new" pool pump will do it. Any pool... Read More »

How do I open the connecting hoses on pool pumps?

Open Connecting HosesUnplug the pump's electrical cord. Look for a round, metal clamp where the hose attaches to the pump. Take out the screw, and loosen up the clamp. The hose will slip off the co... Read More »