How to Change Screen Resolution in Ubuntu?

Answer There isn't a lot of 'understandable' information out there about Ubuntu...probably because most Linux geeks are just that...geeks. This article will tell you how to change your screen resolution i... Read More »

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How do I change Ubuntu screen resolution?

Have you installed the driver for your Graphics CardNVIDIA CARDSHow to install Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu (installer on Ubuntu 8.10 upwards is slightly different. Install the recommended driver)http:... Read More »

How do i change screen resolution in UBUNTU mine is 1440x900 on xp sp2?

what is the UBUBTU ... do u mean the regular monitor or what ??

How to change screen resolution on an unsupported monitor in Ubuntu Linux 11.04?

Open the Terminalcd /etc/X11/sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.baksudo gedit xorg.confUnder SubSection "Display"Modesadd "640x480" to the the beginning of that resolution listSave the changes in gEdit an... Read More »

Ubuntu Screen Resolution, Please help!?

Perhaps you need to install your Graphics Card driverNVIDIA CARDSHow to install Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu (installer is slightly different on Ubuntu 8.10 upwards. Select recommended driver)http://ww... Read More »