How to Change Rotors on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Answer The rotors on the Chrysler PT Cruiser need to be in good condition for the brakes to work properly. The brake calipers rest on the rotors and are what the brake pads clamp onto to stop the car. If ... Read More »

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How to Change Rotors on a 2000 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

The rotors on a 2000 Chrysler PT Cruiser are easy to remove as it sits between the caliper and the hub assembly. The calipers applies pressure on to the rotor to stop the car. When the rotor is war... Read More »

How to Change Brake Pads and Rotors on a PT Cruiser?

Brake system repair and maintenance is a common area the home mechanic can save money by doing it himself. Replacing the brake pads and rotors restores lost brake performance, caused by normal wear... Read More »

How Do I Change Radiator Hoses on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Radiator hose leaks can leave your PT Cruiser sitting along the highway, abandoned, with even the smallest of pin-prick holes. The hoses that make up your cooling system on the PT Cruiser are much ... Read More »

How to Change a Chrysler PT Cruiser Brake Light Bulb?

Changing most brake light bulbs requires removal of an access panel from the rear cargo compartment. The Chrysler PT Cruiser's brake light bulbs are a bit different. There is no access panel in the... Read More »