How to Change Rotors on a 2006 Vue?

Answer Saturn came about in 1990 with the release of two simple, yet economical vehicles — the SC and SL. In the 2002 model year, Saturn took a leap into the realm of SUV manufacturing with the release ... Read More »

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How to Change the Brake Rotors on a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado Truck?

You need to replace the brake rotors or discs on your Chevrolet Silverado truck if they have any grooves or cracks. You must also replace them if they are worn down past the minimum thickness; the ... Read More »

How to Install Rear Rotors on a 2006 Ford F-150 4x4?

The rear brake rotors on the 2006 Ford F-150 4x4 are one of the most important components in the truck's braking system. The braking system on this truck is designed for the brake pads to compress ... Read More »

How to Remove the Front Rotors of a 2006 GMC Sierra?

The front brake rotors on a 2006 GMC Sierra can get warped over time. The purpose of the rotors is to give the brake pads something to apply pressure to when the brake pedal is pressed. A warped ro... Read More »

How to Replace Rear Rotors on a 2006 Jetta?

The rear rotors on the 2006 Volkswagen Jetta are responsible for working with the rear brake pads to effectively stop the vehicle during braking. The front brakes bear a greater proportion of the b... Read More »