How to Change & Repair a Broken Lug Nut?

Answer When speaking of a lug nut, most people are actually referring to the lug stud and nut that is threaded onto it. If even one lug stud becomes stripped, cracked or otherwise compromised, you run a h... Read More »

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How can I fix it or is it broken beyond repair?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I'm broken How will you help repair me?

Oh {{{Moley}}}! Ouch! I'm sorry, I can not repair you, I'm broken too!Want to compare injuries? Two fractured upper lumbar vertebra, between two and four fractured ribs, {no one will tell me an exa... Read More »

How do I repair this broken tile?

Sockies, this is actually an easy repair. The first responder suggested liquid nails. Don't even consider that. If you have a matching tile available, use that in lieu of trying to clean off the ti... Read More »

How to Repair a Broken Headlight?

A broken headlight should be removed and replaced immediately to avoid an accident. A broken headlight can lead to a dangerous driving situation. Not only is your vision impaired in dark or foggy c... Read More »