How to Change Rear Disc Brakes Without A Brake Piston Wrench?

Answer Disc braking technology has supplanted the drum brake as the dominant type of brake used on automobiles, and with good reason. Disc brakes perform better, and the simplicity of disc brake design ma... Read More »

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How to Compress the Piston in Rear Disc Brakes?

Rear disc brakes feature calipers as hydraulic components to expand and squeeze the brake pads against the surface of the rotors. They are smaller than their front disc brake counterparts. When rep... Read More »

How to Adjust the Emergency Brake for Rear Disc Brakes on a Nissan 240SX?

The Nissan 240SX comes equipped with four wheel disc brakes. The rear disc brakes feature an actuator caliper design that provides an emergency brake function when the actuator is rotated by the em... Read More »

How to Change Rear Disc Brakes?

Changing rear disc brakes is actually a fairly simple operation, depending upon what vehicle you are changing them on, and whether you are changing the discs, as well as the pads. Most aspects of t... Read More »

How to Change a Ford ZX2's Rear Disc Brakes?

The Ford Escort ZX2 was the sport coupe model of the popular Ford Escort line of economy cars. As such, the ZX2 left the factory equipped with four-wheel, self-adjusting disc brakes. Since the fron... Read More »