How to Change Rear Brakes on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

Answer The Ford Taurus' rear brakes use brake shoes, which primarily work with the parking brake. These shoes are installed within cylinders encased by the brake drums. The brake shoes are held and contro... Read More »

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How to Change Rear Drum Brakes on a Ford Taurus?

One of the most important safety features on your car is the braking system. As time goes on and the miles add up, you add to the amount of wear on your brakes. When the brakes wear down, this can ... Read More »

How to Change the Rear Brakes on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

The 2001 Ford Taurus came equipped with all around disc brakes. Disc brakes have great stopping power, are resilient and are easy to change for the at-home mechanic. Disc brakes last three to five ... Read More »

How to Change a 1997 Ford Taurus Rear Brake Caliper?

The 1997 Ford Taurus uses brake calipers on the rear wheels as well as on the front ones. If a rear caliper is damaged, replacing it with a new or professionally rebuilt caliper is much easier than... Read More »

How to Change the Rear Brakes on a 1997 Ford T-Bird?

Are your T-Bird brakes squealing, grinding or stopping abruptly? If you experience any of these symptoms or if your brakes are not working at all, it is likely time to change your brake pads. Brake... Read More »