How to Change Photos Into Sketches?

Answer In this article, you will learn how to turn photos into sketches by doing no work at all! All you need is a camera, or a picture of the internet.

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How to Change One of Your Photos Into a 20s Version of Yourself?

It can be fun to make a photo of yourself in period costume and artificially age it to appear to be an antique. The possibilities are endless. But remember, photography became popular during the Ci... Read More »

Does anyone have links to download a free program that changes pictures/images into drawings/sketches?

All you really need is any graphic editor that is capable of handling Adobe style Plug-Ins. And one of the best FREE graphic editors is called The GIMP: There are va... Read More »

How to Get Photos Into Photoshop Elements 6 for a Mac?

The Photoshop Elements software for Mac provides the basic tools for photo editing and graphic design. Open your digital photos in the Photoshop software to manipulate or crop the photo or apply on... Read More »

How to Get Photos into Craigslist Services Ads?

Adding an image to your Craigslist services ad supplies some extra "oomph" and could be the difference between a successful sale and a disinterested would-be customer. Photos add a touch of credibi... Read More »