How to Change Peoples' Lives for the Better?

Answer By changing peoples' lives for the better, you also improve your own life! The more people you help the better you feel! The following article is written by a girl of 14 that loves helping others. ... Read More »

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How did Oprah Winfrey touch many peoples lives?

How does crohns disease affect young peoples lives?

A diagnosis of Crohns disease is often a life changing event for a young, otherwise healthy child or teen. Food and nutrition are essential for growth and when a disease such as Crohns interferes w... Read More »

Did Oprah Winfrey make a differencr in peoples' lives?

I'm just guessing here, but probably not too many people want to have sex with horribly disfigured people. The FCC is all about regulating your desire.

Why do some peoples eyes seem to change colour?

Yes! Han han eye colour do change in some people.A person's Eye colour is because of the Iris. And Iris colour depends on the number, and colour of pigment in it...just like our skin colour depends... Read More »