How to Change Password of Core i7?

Answer There is no passcode to Core i7, just the BIOS passcode.

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How do I change a root password in Fedora Core 3?

Open a TerminalOpen a terminal from the Fedora Core 3 desktop by clicking "Applications," "System Tools" and "Terminal."Log in as RootLog in to the root account by typing "su" into the terminal win... Read More »

How to Remove a Phoenix Trusted Core BIOS Password?

If you've assigned a password to your Phoenix Trusted Core BIOS, you can remove that password at any time by using the BIOS configuration utility itself. No computer BIOS ships with a password alre... Read More »

How do I change the root password for Unix after password has expired?

Log into the Unix ServerLog into the Unix server normally and verify your password has expired. If your password has expired, a message will appear in the Unix session stating your password has exp... Read More »

How to Change a Heater Core?

Heater cores are what help produce heat to the inside of cars. Over time, debris can build up and clog them. When this happens they cease to work properly. Fortunately, heater cores tend to be rela... Read More »