How to Change Oxygen Sensors on a 2000 238I BMW?

Answer The oxygen sensor on the 2000 238I BMW monitors the oxygen levels in your emissions. A faulty or malfunctioning oxygen sensor can lead to a drop in miles per gallon, turn a "check engine" light on,... Read More »

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How many oxygen sensors are in a 2000 Volvo S80?

A 2000 Volvo S80 contains two oxygen sensors, which reside on the Volvo's exhaust system. The bank one sensor sits on the S80's manifold, and the bank two oxygen sensor is on the exhaust pipe after... Read More »

Where are the oxygen sensors on my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500?

The oxygen sensor on a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 is located under the car. Crawl under the vehicle from the passenger's side. The fuel filter is mounted to the exhaust pipe in the rear of the catalytic c... Read More »

How many oxygen sensors does a 2000 toyota camry have?

There are two oxygen sensors on a 2000 Toyota Camry. Both are located on the exhaust pipe; one is located in front of the catalytic converter and the other is located behind it.Source:AA1 Car: Oxyg... Read More »

How to Change Oxygen Sensors on 1998 BMW 328I?

The oxygen sensor, or O2 sensor, on the 1998 BMW 328i is a critical part of the engine management system. Reading the percent of oxygen in the exhaust gases, the sensor converts the percentage to m... Read More »