How to Change Oil on a Ford 4.0 SOHC Engine?

Answer Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, you want to change the oil and filter on your vehicle, to flush out any contaminants in the engine and keep everything running smoothly. In the case of the Ford 4.0l SOH... Read More »

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Is the 2000 Ford Focus 2 liter SOHC engine an interference engine?

The 2000 Ford Focus 2.0-liter SOHC engine is an interference engine. The timing-belt driven Focus 2.0 interference motor will suffer catastrophic engine failure should a timing belt snap at high RP... Read More »

My 2000 Ford Explorer With an SOHC Engine Won't Crank?

If your 2000 Ford Explorer won't start, it could mean a number of things are wrong with the vehicle, ranging from minor issues that any do-it-yourself mechanic can fix to major problems requiring p... Read More »

Does a 1999 Ford Explorer SOHC 4.0 have an interference engine?

The 1999 Ford Explorer SOHC 4.0 is not an interference engine. Interference engines use a timing belt, while the Ford 4.0 uses a timing chain. One advantage to non-interference engines is that ther... Read More »

How to Clean the EGR Valve in a Ford Focus SOHC Engine?

The single overhead cam (SOHC) Ford Focus is a compact sedan equipped with an EGR valve. This valve is responsible for directing exhaust gases and fumes into the intake manifold to be cooled before... Read More »