How to Change Oil on a 600 Grizzly?

Answer The Yamaha Grizzly 600's engine oil should be changed every six months after the initial break-in period. During the initial break-in period (the first month of use), it should be changed at the on... Read More »

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How to Change the Air Filter on a Grizzly 700?

The Grizzly 700 is an ATV available from Yamaha that can be used for recreation or to tow and haul various supplies. Yearly maintenance of your Grizzly includes changing the air filter. One benefit... Read More »

Yamaha Grizzly 660 Oil Change Instructions?

A Yamaha Grizzly 660 is an all-terrain vehicle with a 654-cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. This ATV uses standard Yamaha four-stroke oil and holds three and a half quarts in the crankcase. Yo... Read More »

How to Change a Belt on a Yamaha Grizzly?

The Yamaha Grizzly is a four-wheeled, gas-powered ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The engine on the Yamaha Grizzly is belt driven and can vary in sizes from 250 to 660 cc. As with any motorized ATV, nor... Read More »

How to Change the Air Fuel Mixture on a Yamaha Grizzly?

The gas and air mixture on a Yamaha Grizzly is controlled by a small screw on the lower front right side of the carburetor. This screw is larger then the jet pins and is in clear view. You will nee... Read More »