How to Change Oil in a Suzuki 4 Stroke?

Answer Suzuki is a company of many trades. While most manufactures stick with making only automobiles, all terrain vehicles or dirt bikes, Suzuki makes all three. Therefore, if you like their automobiles,... Read More »

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How to Change the Oil in a Suzuki XL7?

The Suzuki XL7 uses a computer to signal when to change the oil, which is based on engine revolutions and temperature instead of mileage. The signal "Change Engine Oil Soon" means you should change... Read More »

How to Change the Oil on a Suzuki LTR 450?

The Suzuki LTR 450 should have the oil changed depending more on how it's used as opposed to a specific time interval. The cleaner the oil, the longer it will last. If it is used hard, as in compet... Read More »

When someone has a stroke once and does nothing to change diet etc, how likely is it...?

It is important that your father quits smoking ASAP, smoking can indirectly cause a raise in blood pressure and of course as you know raises the chances of stroke / heart attack. Around a quarter o... Read More »

How to Change Oil on a 2 Stroke Motorcycle?

Driving your two-stroke motorcycle or dirt bike puts considerable wear and tear on the engine. With a two-stroke engine, you add the oil in one compartment and the gasoline in another and the engin... Read More »