How to Change Oil Weight?

Answer Owners of vehicles that are getting high in mileage--over 90,000 miles--or with vehicles in a location that experiences extremely cold winters may choose to change their vehicle's oil weight to pro... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Change in Weight on Earth?

When on Earth, your mass and your weight are always equal to each other. However, when you leave the Earth, your mass will remain constant but your weight will change. Your weight changes due to gr... Read More »

Will a tattoo change with weight loss?

Your tattoo can change as your skin changes. How much weight loss can affect a tattoo depends on the amount and how quickly the weight was lost. Slow weight loss has little to no affect, whereas a... Read More »

What happens if you change the yarn weight in a knitting pattern?

Changing the weight of yarn used in a knitting pattern may change the outcome of your project drastically. Because yarn with differing weights produces smaller or larger pieces, your finished produ... Read More »

How to change my life for the better (weight, health and life)?

Dont falll in to the trap of believing that to lose weight you must eat very little. That could make your body hang on to the fat because it beleives there is a famine. It will also be hard to ma... Read More »